Monday, February 20, 2006


Hannibal Session:

Tonight was the Hannibal Jam Session at Breadeaux Pizza in Hannibal Missouri. We play from 7:00pm to 9:00pm for anyone who would like to come and listen!!!! (hint, hint)

We had 20 players this evening. We had around 30 in the audience total through out the night tonight.

The players were Melanie on lumberjack and spoons; Dwain on mandolin; Chris on fiddle and banjo; Sondra on mandolin and banjo; Andrew on fiddle, bouzouki, mandolin and drum; Larry on fiddle; Betsy on whistle; Billy Bob on string bass; Dale on guitar; Don on string bass; Clayton on drum and harmonica; Kevin on harmonica, drums and various other rhythm instruments; Markie on guitar; Joann on whistle and tambourine; Ava on fiddle, mandolin, whistle and drum; Tony on whistle; Lisa on fiddle; Phillip on guitar; Robert on fiddle and Dave on drum. (Please forgive me if I left anyone out.)

Absent were: Dale, Sarah, Ian and family; Rob; Beverly; Joshua ... (sorry again if I left anyone out)

Evelyn and Bob were there with another couple at their table. I'm slowly learning people's names out there ... it just takes me a while!!! Lee and her husband were there. I did not know that he played the hammer dulcimer! Awesome!!! Chip came and brought friends; there was a birthday party with people from Hannibal La Grange College. They were a fun group and really played those shakers! They danced too!!! Jeanie, Adam, Sam and a friend were at another table. There was another couple that I didn't get to talk to. I didn't know who they were. I do wave at everyone though.

Markie brought me a music hat tonight. It's awesome! Melanie brought me some feathers to put in it. I'm looking mighty cool ...

Chris gave me some fiddling tapes to listen to. We played one in the van on the way home. They're really good. I'll try to learn a few tunes!!

I played all of Peek a Boo waltz by ear this evening. That's one of the tunes I'm wanting to learn. I had the tape recorder right there with me and forgot to tape one time through so I could commit it to memory. :( Oh well, they will play it again, I'm sure.

At the slow jam, I got to see my new fiddle, Minnie Pearl. She was in pieces ... in the process of being repaired ... but looking good. I miss her. I got to play her one night at the jam session and she plays really beautifully. I'll be glad when I'm able to pay for her and bring her home.

We're playing at a Contra Dance in Columbia March 3rd. I'm looking forward to that. It starts at 7:00. I may ride up with Lisa. I'll have to see what's going on. Sondra, Joann and I could meet her somewhere and then ride up with her from Hannibal. She said that she has plenty of room. (Lisa, are you reading this?)

Well, it was a good night ... good music ... great audience.

Good times ... good times ...

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