Tuesday, March 07, 2006


Salt and Pepper Shakers: Vess Soda Bottles

This is the original set that started it all!!!

These salt and pepper shakers used to belong to my Great Grandmother, Lillian Hunt.

(Yes, I'm related the Hunts ... catsup and various other things. However, I'm far enough down the line ... I have to make my own money! He he he!)

This is a set of Vess Soda Pop Bottles. I'm not sure what the original set was. There's obviously an extra here. I don't know if the set were both clear, or a clear one and a green one. I suspect, based on the lids, the set was a clear one and a green one, with the white lid being the salt and the red lid being the pepper. I could be wrong. It doesn't matter to me anyway, they were my Great Grandmothers and that's what matters to me!!! You know?

Anyway, I've had these for twenty-two years now. It was three years ago that I began to actively collect salt and pepper shakers. It's a great hobby and relatively inexpensive if you shop wisely and know your stuff. The "rule" for collecting them is thus ... "if you know your pricing and something is over priced ... you don't have to buy it. However, if you like it ... and you want it ... and you can afford it ... buy it!!!

So far I've not paid over $18 for a set ... and that was one that I just "couldn't live without". If you've collected anything ... you know that feeling quite well!!!! I usually shop around ... I've practically tried to memorize pricing in my encyclopedia so I know pricing. When I find a Japan shaker for 5.00 or 8.00 bucks ... I feel like I'm stealing. I'm not, of course, but when you see something like that and you know what it's worth ... But I also like the thrill of knowing you got a great deal on something!

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