Saturday, September 09, 2006



Had a Rueben sandwich for supper.
Along with my favorite thing of ALL time ...
Chips and French Onion Dip!!!!!

It's 9:40pm and I just finished an hour of banjo practice out on the porch swing.

This evening's practice included:
Pig Ankle Rag, Flop Eared Mule, Red Haired Boy, Wildwood Flower, Westphalia Waltz, Tennessee Waltz, Ten Penny Bit,
Swallow Tail Jig, Squirrel Heads and Gravy, Soldier's Joy, Si Beg Si Mor, St. Anne's Reel,
Road to Lisdoonvarna,
Red Wing, Rag Time Annie (but I'm not coordinated enough to do it on the banjo),
Pigeon on the Gate,
Over the Waterfall, Off She Goes, Nail That Catfish to a Tree,
Mulberry March, Morrison's Jig,
Midnight on the Water, Liberty and King of the Fairies.

These are all songs that I know from memory.
I alternate each practice starting with the A's and working down,
then starting with the W's and working up.
I never have enough time in a practice session to get through everything I've memorized, so that is the next best thing. That way I still get everything reviewed.
Otherwise, I forget where I am on the list.
That's maddening!

Hi, Ava! I'm flattered that you can play my tune Mulberry March from memory... we should introduce it to the session sometime!
We should! Although, I have to warn you, I think it's morphed just a little bit with me adding my own accents and stuff. Just a tiny bit.
Did you make the Rueben Sandwich, or did you get it at a restaurant? As Rebecca can attest, I'm on a never-ending quest for the perfect Rueben. If you know where the best Ruebens in Quincy are, do tell!
Made it in my kitchen!

It was very good!

Kelly's has a good Rueben.
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