Sunday, September 03, 2006


Cry Baby

Well, that was embarrassing.
I just cried all through church today.
Still played the organ ... just had red eyes.

However, I found encouraging words in the bulletin today.

"The Lord has promised us that as we search diligently, pray always and be believing ... all things will work together for our good. That doesn't mean that everything will be perfect or that we will not have any trials, but it does mean that everything will be okay if we just hang in there.
Ours is the opportunity to be an example and the Savior has promised that all things are possible to him that believeth.
So believe in yourselves.
Believe that you are never alone.
Believe that you will always be guided."

Sis. Balton, Ensign May 2004

I'm through crying at the moment, but they sure seem to turn on at the most unpredictable times.

Hope you're all having a great day!

As you know Ava, I am a believer in tears, and for letting them flow when they come to us.... be they for joy or for pain..tears are as much a gift to ourselves, as the stars are, to the sky.

Sending thoughts of courage, strength & faith your way..

(((Hugs from across the miles)))

Hugs. Hope the tears helped and your day is a little brighter by now.
music.. church... encouragement.. the tears come more easily at those times.
Crying is good for you and never try to stop the tears. You'll find that you always feel better after a good cry.

Keep the faith.
I'm sending hugs your way,
If they just didn't come at such public and embarrassing times it wouldn't be so bad!!! Then everyone is asking what's wrong and I just want left alone ... embarrassment does that to me. (wink wink)

Thanks for all of the encouragement, gals.

Love you all!
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