Friday, September 01, 2006


Ely Opry:

Last night was music night and I had the best time.
I was totally stressed out and cried part of the way there but it turned out to be a good night.

Part of the reason that I play music is because of the huge stress relief that it is.
Oh my gosh.
Of course the other reason is that it's just plain fun.
Put the two together and you're always going to feel better when you play some tunes.

Playing the fiddle is such a physical thing, especially when you're playing those fast tunes, that I'm able to work out my stress and frustrations ... can just feel them oozing out, up and away. It's the same with the guitar. And the tenor banjo. Actually it's like this: the fiddle and guitar relieve stress and the banjo and the mandolin just plain cheer a person up. They're very happy little instruments. Especially my little banjo.

Anyway, it was a great night. The sky was full of stars. There was a half moon out shining pretty bright. I went out by myself earlier in the night and looked at stars for a while. Then right before I left for the evening I saw three shooting stars in a row. Made me wonder if there was a meteor shower that I didn't know about. But it was only those three and then I didn't see anymore.

A group of us went outside and played for a while last night. I loved it!
The evenings are just cool enough now to be comfortable and enjoyable.
My nose did get a little cold though when I was out looking at stars.

You want to know what I'm missing?
My family always had a big bon fire and weiny roast every year followed by a hayride. The old fashioned kind ... with a trailer full of hay pulled either by a tractor or a truck ... that went slowly down the road and around and around ... someone always had a guitar and we'd sing. You kept warm by dressing warm of course, but also by drinking hot chocolate and covering up with straw and blankets. I love the smell of hay. Now a days it sometimes messes with my allergies, but I love it anyway.

I'm not going to remember everyone who was there but I'll try to cover what I can.
Let's see ... there was Wes Sr and Wes Jr. Wes sang "I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry" with me. I may need to put that up one key since it gets so low. We'll have to experiment with that and see. I think we do a good job together. Willy was there ... I got to play his guitar for a little while last night. Very nice. Doug ... poor guy ... I made him play Greensleeves twice last night ... it's one of my favorite songs and it is at it's most beautiful on his mandolin. Bill was there, Dimple was there. Dorothy was there and she gave me that sweetest hug and a pep talk. I love that woman and she really cheered me up. Carol and Bud were there. Dave and Dwain were there. Anita and her harmonica were there. She also gave me a pep talk which I needed. I love her too!! Peggy and Danny were there. Allan and his mandolin were there. Ava (that's me ... wink wink) and her fiddle and guitar were there. Del, Patty, Jim and Deann were there. Jessie was there. I actually met him in the drive way as I was coming in he was leaving. He was just headed home to change and eat and then came back. Don and Jeanie were there but I didn't really get to talk to them very much last night. Greg, Kyle and the crew were there. Dick was there ... and there were others but I don't know everyone's names yet. I'm working on it.

Kyle and I finally got to sing together. When I first got there I tripped when I was getting stuff out of the car, so Kyle gave me an escort inside. Thank you very much.

Let's see, I owe Kyle an apology for something ... but I've slept since then ... and can't remember ... what it was ...
Hmmm ...

You know ... he made me bite into a green persimon last night. What an experience that was. I told him I would if he did it first. He did ... so I followed in his footsteps. Dried my mouth right out!!! Dang! I won't be doing that again!
Live and learn!

Let's see ... I'm supposed to tell you some more things about Kyle. Last time I told you how nice he was. This time I'm supposed to tell you how cute he is. Yeah, he's cute ... sweet and 15. He claims to have all kinds of girl friends that he instant messages all of the time. Oh ... and he has some pretty good dance moves. He demonstrated one of them for me last night. No wait ... he also demostrating his "dipping" abilities by dipping the bass. Oh yes ... and he has muscles which he was showing off in his sleeveless shirt. And I found out last night that he can yodel. I've heard that he drives pretty good too. All in all he's a pretty great guy and I seem to laugh a lot when he's around. And he sings wonderfully. What a great family.

I also found out that Greg can yodel and pretty darned good at it too. I'm going to have to practice and maybe have him show me some things. Yes, as I shared with someone else last night ... I have a bit of a competitive streak in my blood. Not the kind that interferes with fun or friendship, but I do like to "keep up".

Well, last night when I saw the shooting stars I made two wishes. I still need to make a third one. I'm assuming there is no time limit on wishes. (If there is ... don't tell me now ... I'll cry.)

It was a great night with lots of music and lots of friends. I really feel at home there and look forward to it all week long. My many thanks to the Potterfield family for hosting this each week and for making me feel so welcomed and right at home. It means more to me than they will ever know.

I forgot that I was supposed to tell and invite everyone to play music on Friday night, September 8th out at the church where we played Friday night last week. And the name of it is just escaping me at the moment, but if you've been you know what I'm talking about. I think I may remember how to get there this time!!! Maybe. I always get turned around. So, hopefully Jim told some other people and you can tell some other people. Okay?

Until next time ...

May your pockets be heavy and your heart be light,
May good luck pursue you each morning and night.

My love to all!

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Don't go to the above site, Ava. This a prime example of what is known as "comment spam" -- I routinely delete such comments which make it through the filters at my blog.
Very uplifting post Ava.
Love to you too.
Sandy :)
Hi Larry! Just hadn't seen it yet ... it's gone!

Hi Sandy! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
Hello Ava ~~ I am so glad you had such a happy musical night with your friends, and sorry yu were so stressed that you cried. I have had a pretty
tearful week myself and it's not fun.
Take great care dear Ava, and thanks
for your comment. Hugs, Merle.
Thank you Merle! The tears come and go ... panic comes and goes. It's going to get better. One day at a time ... that's what someone told me and that's what I'm trying to do.
Where are you? We miss your post.
Where are you. Are you okay? We miss you posts.
Yes, I'm fine. Click the refresh button and they should all pop up.
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