Monday, September 04, 2006



My focus today has been throwing stuff away.
My gosh!
It's amazing how much stuff a person can keep for no particular reason at all.
For me,
It's because I'm a pack rat.
Good grief!!
The garbage man is going to be shocked!!

Ooh, I went through that the past few months with my son whisking off to college!! I wasn't going to get stuck with his stuff---so we went through A-Z of his stuff!!

And then, mine.. got rid of a while truck-load!! Was going to have a yardsale, but my arm/back/energy had it... so gave it all away, to a church ladies group for their annual spring sale next year!!

Just today, gave away a weight-bench w/leglift; a box of weights Lee didn't want, and a cross-country ski machine, and an excercise bike.

Gave them to my son's room-mates younger bro.... nobody wanted to buy them, so passed them on...

We're going to have an auction to sell some stuff. I'll probably have to leave ... I'm very sentimental and I don't know if I could be here or not. I'll just have to see how I feel about it when the time comes.
It's one of my major projects too and I'm dreading it. I'm not the pack rat in the family; I'm just the one who has to deal with it.

I expect major angst from my other half when the time comes.
I am TOTALLY a pack rat! It's a hard habit to break!
I'm real bad for collecting nic nacs or bric-a-brack as my Mom called it.

I love anything that is "different" in colour, shape or item!

I have butterfly & gargoyle thingies everywhere!! lol That's what I collect. This past couple years, got into "chimnea's" lol I just LOVE, the glow they give!!

My biggest things collected, were books... I kept every single book I ever read...and I gave away box's of them!!

I had so many photo albums!! Some from teens, my ex... I went through each single one, took out the good pics, they are now in ONE boot-box!! IN albums, took 3 box's to store.. lol Lee wanted most with the ex, as it's his Dad.. so no probs, will hold onto that, until Lee is grown up...

I have all sorts of crafts things...might go through them things next...

Sending big hugs Ava... you got my EM if you need an ear...

Walking with you Ava,
Love & Blessings,
Thank you North!

I have a library also, most of which I haven't read yet. I plan to keep them. I'm going to be too poor for much else other than reading. But that's okay ... I like to read.


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