Friday, September 08, 2006


Goodbye Nash

I just told Nash goodbye and took him to the shelter.
They are a non-kill shelter and will find him a good home.
He is a beautiful, well trained, loveable dog and I'm sure he'll have a new home in no time at all.
It's actually a large weight off of my shoulders having it done.
Oh yes, I cried ... a lot ... but it just had to be done.

It's still a good day.
There is much to get finished.
And there is music tonight.
That will lift my spirits.
Things are coming together.
I'm no longer stressed ... well ... except for the packing part.
That sucks.

Must get to work!

Of course you cried but he'll find a good home.
parting.. such sweet sorrow!
Yes, I know that they will find him a good home. I have no doubt of that. I'll just miss him.
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