Wednesday, September 13, 2006


Heard from a Friend ...

I talked to a friend today that I hadn't talked to in about ten years.
We grew up together in Sprugeon, Mo.
There were two hills in a row ...
I lived on top of one
and he lived on top of the other one.

Sometimes when we were waiting for the bus,
we would yell back and forth to eachother.
I don't remember if we could actually understand what the other one was saying,
but we always heard eachother and waved!

His voice seemed different for some reason.
But then again, he was calling from Canada, so maybe it was the phone lines.
I don't know.

We didn't talk long, I had to go to work.
But it was good to hear from him none the less.

I think it's always nice to talk with an old friend from our past. How nice that he called you after all this time.
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