Tuesday, September 12, 2006


The Horses:

I just spent an hour over at the horse pasture.

My favorite little two year old came running full speed all the way across the pasture when I called him. It was so cute to see! He had a full gaze right on me with those ears leaning toward me. And yes, he was full of kisses today too!!!! He ran all the way right up to me and jutted me with his nose to say hello. Then we exchanged lots of kisses and I gave him a rub down.

I think I'm good at massaging and that's why they like me so much because I never have treats. Just lots of kisses and a good rub down.

One of the black stallions was next. And he was full of kisses too. We stood there quite a while and between kisses I gave him a good rub down which he seemed to enjoy.
He lets me hug him and I got in as many as I could!!!

Then one of the thoroughbred stallions came over. He was so tall. The top of my head didn't even reach his back. He towered over me.
And yes, he was full of kisses too!
He had to lean way over to kiss my face.
Gave him a good rub down ... what I could reach that is ... between kisses.

Then back to my favorite two year old for some more kisses. He even talked to me a little bit today. He is so sweet.

Then one of the Quarter Horse mares came over.
She had never kissed me before, but I taught her how today.
The first kiss scared her. But then she came back to investigate.
She was a quick study and was giving me kisses in no time.
She also enjoyed a good rub down.

Then back to the black stallion for more kisses and hugs.
He was very affectionate today.

Then the Quarter Horse mare and my favorite two year old got on each side of me and were kissing me on each side of the face. It was hilarious ... like they were competing and trying to out do each other or something. This went on for a while. They'd spend some time kissing me, then lean around me and look at eachother, then kiss me some more, then lean around me and look at eachother. At one point when they were leaning around me to look at eachother they actually bit eachother. But then they quickly went back to kissing me after I separated them. They didn't get rub downs because I had to keep my attention focused on them so I didn't get squished like a bug.

Then the spotted gray stallion came over. He only gave me two kisses though and didn't stay very long. I think he was just wondering what was going on.
But I did give him a quick rub down.

Their noses feel just like velvet.
And their warm breath on my face and chin felt so good.
I had the biggest smile on my face.

And yes, I always kiss them right back ... with my lips right on theirs.
I'm sure it's quite a sight for people driving by.

Then back to my favorite two year old for some goodbye kisses.
Then back to the black stallion for some goodbye kisses.

Then I headed home, I was getting cold.
Went out without a jacket.

It was great!
Kisses from five different horses!

And ...

I discovered when I went in to wash my hands that not only did the horse kisses feel good, but there are a few "lingering" on my face! Glad I looked in the mirror before I went any place!!!

Horse kisses rock!

Wow Ava...heaps of brilliant posts and photos - I am in awe!!!!! You make me smile.. laugh...

I love the fuzzy soft horses nibbling noses...
Thank you Gracie.
Oh Ava.. I had the most splendid visual of your horsie-kissie display!! Gosh.. you are amazing!!
Thank you, North.

Actually, it is they who are amazing ... I just stand there and enjoy it!!!! They are beautiful creatures and so affectionate.
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