Tuesday, September 19, 2006


How much longer?

Let's see ...

44 more hours until Thursday night music.

I'm ready!

I've actually left my instruments in the car on purpose so I will spend my time packing instead of playing tunes on my instruments.

Do you think they're lonely out there?
Naw ... I think they're keeping eachother company.

At least I hope so!!!!

I have been a lover of bluegrass music for many years. I think that it is a very spiritual kind of music. I don't know how you feel about Bill Monroe, but he has long been somewhat of a hero to me. I read a biography of him a couple of years ago and enjoyed it quite a bit.

I remember the first time I heard him sing and play Uncle Penn on television. Very few songs have ever made the impression on me that song made. I actually was stunned, because I couldn't believe how good it was.

I hope you have lots of fun on Thursday night.
I think your instuments will be lonely out in your car without you there. They used to you stroking them and making them hummm pretty tunes.
Hi Gary!

I totally agree about Bill Monroe! He's a hero to me too.

Isn't it great when a song like that makes such a connection with you?

Hi Sandy!
Oh, I brought them in before the day was over. They got stroked and purred like a kitten!!!
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