Monday, September 18, 2006


My Chin Again ...

Well, I told you about the zinc oxide ointment ...
Have you ever used any?

It doesn't really soak in and is bright white.
I look like I have half a clown face on ...
Yes, it's that obvious.

Anyway, one of my students,
a 14 year old young man just left his piano lesson.
I was playing his new songs for him and going over some things to watch for and listen for.

Anyway, one of the songs is a difficult one and I messed it up.
It was one of those stop and start again mess ups ...
And of course my added, "Oh, man!!", didn't help make it any less obvious.

I heard him make a little chuckle noise, but I kept on going.
When I got to the end of the song I turned and looked at him.
We just sat there smiling at eachother for a couple of seconds ...
I said, "Okay, go ahead and make fun of me for messing it up ... I know it's coming!"

And he said ...
"I can't ... I'm too distracted by your chin"

Then we both laughed until we cried.

That was the best student zinger I've had in a long time.
I told him that I appreciate a good zinger ... it's a sign of a good since of humor!!!!

Well, here comes the next one.
Wonder what he'll have to say about my chin?

Good grief! Did you see the glaring typos I made on my previous comment? I guess that's what happens when my cat is walking across the computer keyboard while I'm attempting to type!!! :-)
Hi Clayton!

I think you did a very good job of typing if the cat was walking across the keyboard! I would have gotten all of the letters wrong!!

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