Saturday, September 09, 2006


A new music studio

Well, due to needing to increase my client base for music lessons
I have made the following change to my schedule.

I am now going to teach lessons in Quincy, IL Monday through Thursday
and then teach lessons in Hannibal, MO on Friday and Saturday.

I already have my first Hannibal student!
A ten year old fiddler.
I'm excited!

Thank you Chris and Melanie!

And thank you Larry!

wow!! when do you get to breathe?

Brutal schedule Ava... very happy for you, that you found new clients, and a new schedule.

I sure hope it all works out great for you... there is a divine plan for you obviously--and you are being "pushed" into the direction you are to be going...

I don't always agree with the "Divine's Master Plan" but, who are we to argue with the big guy in the sky?(gentle smiles.)

All the best to you Ava!

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