Wednesday, September 13, 2006


Phone Calls:

Well, I had six calls for lessons this week.
(Thank you, Anita)

One signed up and I'm waiting to hear from the other five.

My Quincy spots are filling up.
Just have a few more to fill.
But ...
I'm not giving up my Monday or Thursday night music sessions.
No way!
That's what keeps me sane ...
Well ...
As sane as I can be ...
Ha ha!

I used to teach until 8:00 on both of those nights ...
Now I quit at 6:00.

My good friend, what would we do without music? I teach salsa tonight, and right before I take belly dancing! Hurray for music!
Oh, I will be thinking of you dancing your salsa tonight! What fun!!! And how sexy!!!!

Hurray for music! I second that!

Can't wait for our "girlfriends date" to toast life and all that is well in it.

I'm thankful to have gotten to know you. You are an inspiration.

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