Tuesday, September 12, 2006


Up at 5:00am ...

Here I am ...
at 5:00am.

I have much packing to get finished today and several appointments to get to ...
Curtains to make ...
Curtain rods to buy ...

I'm going to run by Allied Movers and see how much it costs to buy a dish barrel.
I have a collection of Blue Willow dishes which I'm going to pack up and put into storage.
I'm going to keep part of them out, but just a few things.
I'm a sucker for dinner by candle light ...
and they're perfect for that.

I got my key from my room mate last night, so I'm going to get started moving stuff in.

I have to rip the carpet out of my bedroom before I move in.
Think I can do it?
I've never done that before ...
Hmmm ...
I can give it a try!
If not, I'll call someone for some help.

To work I go!
Much to pack!

Have a great day, you all!

I'll help you tear out your carpet...im good at being destructive..haha..i downloaded Dont Fence Me in...im hooked on that song its so good...and i'm listening to Daddy Sang Bass...you are so good at that song..you sound just like june carter in the recording
Hi Kyle.

I really am going to need some help. Seriously. It's really gross.

I rearranged my song book and put the ones I'm best at in the very front. Those are both in there. I also moved Unclouded Day to the front, we did really well with that one.

Don't forget to bring some of your songs with you next time and I'll try to sing with you!

Oh, I've been practicing Beautiful Dreamer too!
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