Wednesday, May 31, 2006


Wedding Music

Well, I have to tell you that I am so tired of practicing wedding music that I could scream!!!!!

My brother's wedding is this Saturday. We have rehearsal on Friday at 6:00 and then the Wedding Saturday at 3:00.

I'm finally going to get to meet that new grandbaby of mine!!! I can't wait!!!!

Pray for my sanity until the wedding is over!!! I think I'm going to need it.


Tuesday, May 30, 2006


No time to blog!

Dang it! I'm having trouble right now making time to actually get to the blog!

I have a very busy week and weekend, but I WILL be back to blogging regularly next week!!!! I have to move my office and get things set up.

Please keep coming back!!


Sunday, May 28, 2006


Here's the new Grand Baby!!

Here's a picture of the new grandbaby!
Chandler Joshua Thomas
Born May 21st, 2006

That's my nephew, Brandon, holding him.
I haven't got to meet him yet,
But will be doing so next Saturday and Sunday!!!

Can't wait!!!

What a cutie!!!

Friday, May 26, 2006


Chris and Ava:

There's my oldest son, Chris.
He's supposed to be on the bus right this very minute
headed to my house in Illinois.
I'll be so glad for him to get here!


Ava, Reptile World, Tom: Holding the snake!!!

Here's my youngest son, Tom, holding one of the snakes at Reptile World.
Does he look nervous?
He was laughing because he could feel the muscles of the snake
"walking" ... expanding and constricting ... over his hands and arm.
It was a new experience for him.

And here I am holding the same snake.
It's body felt so cool and smooth.
I really liked the way it felt against my skin.

It's really a pretty snake.

That's not fear of the snake you see in my eyes ...
It's a fear of dropping the snake ...
It was stretching out and I didn't feel like I had a good hold on it.


General: Dog Food

This is what my dog does to his dogfood every single time!
He eats a little bit of it ...
Then dumps it out.
Sometimes he'll go ahead and finish it then ...
And sometimes he'll save it for later.

What a goof!!


Salt and Pepper Shakers: Dad's Collection

Yes, more salt and pepper shakers ...
These are from my Dad's collection.

This set is a plastic set that is marked on the bottom:

Lustro Ware
Pat Pend
Made in USA

This set are very cute!
Little alligators!!
They are stamped "Florida" on the tops.
My Dad bought them on one of his trips to Florida.
Don't they look vicious????

This set are marked
Made in Japan
on the bottom.

I think they are very pretty.
The wear just gives them character, as far as I'm concerned!!


Memorial Day

It is the VETERAN, not the preacher,
who has given us freedom of religion.

It is the VETERAN, not the reporter,
who has given us freedom of the press.

It is the VETERAN, not the poet,
who has given us freedom of speech.

It is the VETERAN, not the campus organizer,
who has given us freedom to assemble.

It is the VETERAN, not the lawyer,
who has given us the right to a fair trial.

It is the VETERAN, not the politician,
Who has given us the right to vote.

It is the VETERAN,
who salutes the Flag,

It is the veteran,
who serves under the Flag.

May we all remember those who fought for our freedoms.
May we all remember those who are serving our country at this very moment.
As we remember them and our loved ones who are gone,
Remember them with a spirit of gratitude for what they have done for us.

This glorious flag sits atop Lover's Leap in Hannibal, MO.
over looking the Mississippi.



Here's another shot of my columbine by the fish pond.
I need to get out there and weed around the pond sometime today.
It sure is hot out there!
I'm drinking lots of water trying to stay hydrated.


Music: Ely Opry

Last night in Ely was a lot fun. On the way there, at 9:00pm, I hit so many June Bugs that you can barely see out of my windshield. They sounded like rocks hitting it. It scared me at first until I figured out what it was. I'm definitely going to have to wash the windshield this afternoon!!!!

The crowd wasn't as large as usual, but that doesn't stop us from having fun.

After a three week delay and finally a pinky promise ... I delivered a copy of Red Wing to Doug. We played through it for a little bit. I didn't even think to make a copy for anyone else. That was embarrassing. I'll have to remember that in the future.

William and I went over "All I Have to Do Is Dream" and I think we'll be ready to sing it next week. It's such a pretty song and it's going to be fun to sing it together.

I always have fun when I'm there whether it's a large crowd or a small one. When it's a small crowd, it tends to break up early and that gives us time to look at some new tunes and practice together. That's what Doug and I did last night after everyone left. We went through one of my books. One of the songs that I need to memorize is cotton Eyed Joe. I'm working on Orange Blossom Special, but not near ready to play it in front of anyone yet!!!!!

Jeff was there again! He is so fun!!

Well we'll be playing together again on Monday, Memorial Day at a picnic here in Quincy. Then they'll either go home or we can hang out a my house and either play music or watch a movie. Then we can head on over to Hannibal for supper and then some more music at the Hannibal Session. That should work.

Well, until then ...


Music, Quincy Session: May 25th, 2006

Well, it was a rather "warm" session this evening. We're at a time of the year when the air conditioners aren't on yet, but it's beginning to get toasty.

The players this evening were Sondra on mandolin and banjo ... Ava on fiddle, guitar and banjo ... Larry on fiddle and guitar ... Lisa on fiddle ... Joann on whistle and tambourine ... Tony on whistle and fiddle ... and Rose on flute.

Tony played three tunes with us on his fiddle. He's just learning and doing great. Go Tony!!!!!!

The Black's and their friends (I'm sorry I don't remember your names) were there to listen. Chip came with some friends to join us for the evening and listen.

This was the first time Rose had come to join us. She brought her guitar and flute. I was told by my husband that she's also a music teacher, teaching piano, guitar and flute. It was the first time that I had met her. Our husbands work together. She was very nice, played very well and we sure do hope that she comes again!!!!

Thanks to all who came to play and listen and helped make the evening fun.



Music Hang Over

Well, I stayed out way to late and now I'm paying for it. I don't drink alcoholic drinks ... so it isn't that kind of hang over. I just stayed out and didn't get home until 2:00am playing music ... I'm just plain tired.

How tired?

Well, I just sat down, turned the computer on and was sitting here waiting ... wondering what was taking so long ... when I realized I hadn't turned the monitor on.


I'm heading out to mow lawn. Hope I have better luck with the mower!!!!

Thursday, May 25, 2006


A Little Robin

I just went out to get the mail and there's a little baby robin sitting in the cherry tree. He's got little spots all over his chest and still has a few wild baby feathers sticking straight up on the top of his head. He's so cute!!!! We just looked at each other for the longest time. He's probably sitting there waiting for his dinner.

So cute!!


Music tonight

Well, it's Thursday and that means celtic music session at La Gondola and then off for bluegrass in Ely. I have a copy of Red Wing ready for Doug ... I pinky promised last time, so had to make sure that I got it done!!! I haven't practiced a darn thing today. I did get a lot of cleaning done though. That's always good.

Ta ta!

I'm off to play music!

Wednesday, May 24, 2006


Tom, Ava

Here's Tom and I together.

Yes, that's me with no make on.




Yes, it is yet another picture of my creek!
I just can't help it!


Salt and Pepper Shakers:

Here are a few more of the salt and pepper shakers from my Dad's collection.

This first set is copper.
The bottoms twist off so you can add the salt and pepper.

This set is just so cute!
As you can see, they have a rooster on them.
Can't you just hear him crowing?

This set is just really cool.
I like the shape.
I like the color.
Do they seem kind of "art deco" to you?


General: Treadmill

There's my treadmill.
We used to know eachother pretty well.
We've drifted apart
I'm going to try
To repair the distance between us
So that we can make up
And spend time together like we used to.

There's the iron in the left front corner.
I really don't want to spend any time with the iron.
I know that hurts it's feelings
I just can't help it.

There's my exercise ball.
We are involved in a torrid exercise affair.
We are always together.
My exercise ball always makes me feel better.
Especially my back.


Nature: Columbine

Here's a picture of some of the columbine around my fish pond.
I think it is a very pretty little flower.
So delicate looking.
And the leaves remind me of clovers.


Visual Pun

What is this??
(answer in the comments)


Hands in Prayer

Here's my picture of hands in prayer ...
These were my hands earlier today ...
Thanking the Lord above
For letting me survive the closet!!!!



Well, the porch is all cleaned of and swept and the laundry is going.

Now ...

For my closet!!!

If you don't hear from me in a couple of days ...

Call 911 and tell them I'm trapped in my closet!!!


Poetry: Quote

I saw this quote on North's bog (see links on my side bar) and I enjoyed it so much that I thought I would also post it here for you all to read.
Have a great day!

Do not go

where the path may lead,

Go instead

where there is no path

And leave a trail.


Tuesday, May 23, 2006


General: Weather

Well, I just watched the weather to see how the weekend was going to be.
I'm throwing a huge music party on Saturday ...
And so far ...
It's looking good!!
We're supposed to get some rain tomorrow ... possibly severe ...
But then sunshine until Monday.
I've been praying for good weather on Saturday and Sunday.

Keep your fingers crossed for me!!!!



Time for some barn pictures:
I collect these just because I think barns are neat.
Here's a nice country setting.
Looks like a busy farm, with lots of out buildings.

Here's another barn
Complete with a corn field in the front
We have LOTS of corn fields here in Illinois
I love the corn fields
They make me feel at home.
When we first moved here
The corn fields made me feel closed in
Now they let me know I'm home.

Here's a really old barn in this shot.
Back toward the back.
I really enjoy driving around,
exploring the country side
and taking pictures!!!


Family, Chris and Tom:

Here are my two boys.
They're men now!
This was taken about four years ago.
That is Chris on the left ...
He's the oldest and the shortest.
That's Tom on the right ...
The youngest and the tallest.
(yes, he rubs it in)

As of this moment,
Is planning on buying a bus ticket
And coming to my house tomorrow.
He just needs some moral support
And is coming home in order to get things together
And get back on his feet.
We all need some help sometime ...
This is his time.
I'm very proud of him
and I'm looking forward to having him here.

The younger one,
just got engaged!
He is engaged to Samantha
And they are getting married on
May 5th, 2007.

When I asked Tom if that date meant anything to him ...
He couldn't think of anything.
He asked me what it was ...
It's the day that I married his father ...
(my ex)
He exclaimed ... *%!$@
Then asked if I wanted him to change the date
To which I answered
No, this will give me a happy memory of that date.

Too harsh?
I don't think so.
And he understands.
He thought it was funny.

(wink wink)


Family: Dad and Frank

There's my Dad #2, Bruce
There's my brother Frank.
He's the one getting married on June 3rd.

Here's a picture of a kingfisher.
We have them at the creek here at the house.
I also see them down on the Mississippi.
I usually hear their rattle call
and then am able to locate them in the trees.
I like to watch them dive for fish and frogs.
They look like the have a punk hair do
or a mowhawk.
They're very cute!



Well, I got half of my porch cleaned off today. I still have a little bit to do tomorrow and then it will be all finished. I'll be glad to have that finished.

Now it's time to attach the upstairs bathroom!!!



Thoughts: Body Restored

"The gift of resurrection is the Lord’s consummate act of healing.

Thanks to Him, each body will be restored to its proper and perfect frame.

Thanks to Him, no condition is hopeless.

Thanks to Him, brighter days are ahead, both here and hereafter.

Real joy awaits each of us—on the other side of sorrow."

I hold on to that promise.
No lupus
No asthma
No tumors
No heart problems
No arthritis
No stiffness
No aches
No pains
No sorrow
Joy is waiting here and now



Yard work: leaves

Well, today I raked up and picked up two big lawn bags full of leaves.

It wasn't too bad of a job.

Just took a little while to get it done.

I'm sure my back will be hurting later.

I can already feel myself stiffening up.


I took some pain medicine already!!

Monday, May 22, 2006


Up Too Late ...

Okay, it's 12:11 am ... I'm going to bed!

Up way too late!


View, Vacations: Pics

Here's a rather blurry picture of some glacier water up in the mountains of Utah.
It was beautiful.
Lots of water
Blue sky
So peaceful.

Here's a picture of the desert rock formations.
I like the color
The shapes
The layers
The textures
The sparse bushes
The lizzards

Another view of Dead Horse Point.
I like the way you can see the terraced layers of the rock.
The water surrounding it was interesting to me.
Like a little island.
To me, it was a piece of artwork.


Ranacker Conservation, Nature, Water:

Here are a few more shots of my Ranacker trip.
Yes, there are still some pictures left!!
This is a still water shot.
I like the big trees along the bank of the creek.
Check out the base of them and the bulbous roots.

Here's another shot of the woods.
Yes, there are no leaves on the trees!!

Here's a color texture shot for you.
I like the pieces of wood against the leaves
and the green sprouts of the grass.


A Poem From Joan

Here's a poem written by my friend Joan ...

Congrats! a new Grandbaby boy!

We know he’ll bring you lots of joy.

Although there were a few false starts

When birthing came he had more smarts

And saved his mom a lot of grief

Making her labor time real brief.

It’s nice he popped right out so fast

But here is where I have to ask

Why now has it become your fate

To have a two weeks viewing wait?

Hope they send pictures of CJ

Cause that would be another way

For Ava J. to get a view

Plus show him to her web friends too.

Thank you Joan!!!




World record!

What do I think when I look at this picture?

I hope no one passes gas!!!!!


Music: Hannibal Session

Well, it was yet another Hannibal Music Session! I had a lot of fun. I was experiencing some stress today ... just about stressed out ... and the work out of playing the music and listening to it destressed me to the max. I'm all mellow now!!!!

The players tonight were Chris on banjo... Melanie on percussion ... Ava on fiddle and banjo ... Sondra on mandolin and banjo ... Joann on whistle and tambourine ... Beverly on whistle and mandolin ... Dwain on banjo ... Andrew on fiddle and banjo ... Larry on fiddle and guitar ... Betsy on whistle ... Dale H (he was there ... but did he play tonight?)... Don on bass ... Kevin on percussion ... Rob on percussion ... Tony on whistle ... Lisa on fiddle ... Robert on fiddle ... Dave S on guitar ... Sarah on whistle and bass ... Ian on guitar... Doug on mandolin ... Ned on guitar ... Wade on percussion ... Terry on guitar and LA came to listen.

In the audience were Bill, Evelyn H, Evelyn D and Bob, George who just got back from his trip, Harry and Ellen, Noel and Mary Jo, Suzie and many others who I met for the first time while circulating around the room. I met a couple of guitar players who I invited to come play with us next time. They thought they might give it a try.

We missed Clayton, Phillip, Dale M, Elizabeth, Fred, Aaron, Paul, Alicia and Charlie. As well as anyone else who didn't make it tonight.

It was a great night and I enjoyed it tremendously!!!

As always ... please forgive me if I left anyone out.


The baby!!

I talked to Chris and Heather today and they and the baby are doing just fine!!! She said that she doesn't want to put him down. She also said that he looks just like Chris ... ears and all!!!

Can't wait to meet him in a couple of weeks!!!



Music: Columbia Dance

There's Tony on the whistle and flute,

Me on fiddle,

Joann on whistle

and there's Lisa in the back with her fiddle!


Music: Columbia Dance

Sarah on the bass


Music: Columbia Dance

Here's another shot of Robert on fiddle,

Kevin on drum,

Larry on fiddle

and Chris on banjo.


Music: Columbia Dance

There's Robert on fiddle,

Kevin on percussion,

Larry on fiddle,

Chris on banjo,

And that's Sarah in the back on the bass.


Music: Columbia Dance

There's Kevin in the front with his drum

and Rob standing behind also percussion.


Music: Columbia Dance

There's Dale on his guitar!


Music: Columbia Dance

There's Chris on his banjo!


Music: Columbia Dance

There's Chris on his banjo

Me on my fiddle

and Joann on her whistle.


Music: Columbia Dance

There's Joann on her whistle and me on my fiddle ...

Look at that concentration!!!!

Sunday, May 21, 2006


Family: The Baby is Here!!!!

He's here!!

He's here!!!

Chandler Joshua Thomas Sams

six pounds and six ounces

twenty-one inches long

Mom and baby are doing just fine. She said it only took twenty minutes for him to "pop out". I'll get to meet him in two weeks and I can hardly stand the wait!!!!

Saturday, May 20, 2006


And now ...

And now

For something different,

A poem

By Ava Jackson


Poetry: Ship at Sea

Ship At Sea

Ava Jackson


Old John Henson went to sea.

He took his old dog, his wife and me.

I had never been on the sea before …

I went straight to my cabin and shut the door.

I thought I would be fine, but I was wrong.

Boy, did that night ever seem long!

I felt all green and sick inside …

I thought I’d feel better if I just went to hide!

But soon I was well and back out in the sun.

That’s when I really started having some fun.

I saw a mean shark and also a whale …

And Old John Henson even offered me some ale!

The breeze felt good and the sun did too.

The whole time I was there, I didn’t wear a shoe!

We sat around the fire, watching the soup brew …

Me, John, his wife, the dog and the whole ship crew.

We all worked hard cleaning the deck …

Then we had to wait for John Henson to check.

We all worked hard and at great length …

And that’s how I got to gain all of my strength.

Then it got fierce and we ran into a storm.

Oh, how we wished that it would get warm!

We fished over the side, waiting for a catch …

And then we all went down inside of the hatch.

I got up the next morning and the storm had gone by.

I looked up and there wasn’t a cloud in the sky.

Then I turned around and I saw land …

I ran over and grabbed Old Johns’ hand.

He looked at me with a smile on his face.

He said that we had found Gods’ grace.

He smiled again and said, “We’re home.”

“Home,” I said, “Home sweet home.”


Salt and Pepper Shakers: Campbells Soup

This set of salt and pepper shakers are marked:

giftco inc

on the bottom.

What cute little replicas of soup cans!!!!


Water: Truck


There's an old truck ...

Well ...

What's left of it anyway!!!

I wonder what year it is?

Anyone know?


Ava: I see you!!

You've seen one eye ...

Now here's the other one!!!!

Notice my freckles???


Cookie Jar: Moose

Here's another one of my cookie jars.
It's a Christmas Moose, but I keep it out with the others.
Don't want it to feel left out!!!
The only bad thing is ...
When I put cookies in there ...
I forget they're there!!!!

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