Wednesday, August 15, 2007


Farm, Deer at Ely:

There's Bill (Doug's Dad), me and Doug.
We brought my son Tom and his fiance Julie out to see the deer at the farm.
This was their first trip out there.
We also went walking down at Sugar Camp,
which is a Maple tree forest where Doug's family generations back used to tap the Maple trees and cook it down.

There's Tom and Julie ...

and here are some of the deer.

No, they don't always stand around in a pack like this ... Doug gave them some corn to eat so they'd come up close for Tom and Julie to see.

I think they're beautiful!!!

The deer are very pretty and have beautiful coat colors and patterns. Is the white one an albino? Your family photos are fun, too. Great smiles and sky in the background of the first, and nice candid shot of Tom and Julie. I like her hair cut and color and his goatee!
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