Thursday, August 09, 2007



I didn't make it to the library yesterday.
We've been having lots of rain and storms. We sure do need the rain, but I wish it would come in rain showers instead of thunder storms and tornadoes!!!!!
Today is Thursday!
That means that it is music day again! Some weeks just absolutely DRAG by ... but this
week has seemed to pass very quickly. I'm glad for that!
Ran errands yesterday all over town. But they are done ... and that is a
very good feeling!!!
I didn't sleep very well last night. Had lots of nightmares. That doesn't happen
to me very often.

Here's an Ava tid-bit that I bet you didn't know.
I am afraid of storms.
Yes, I am.
Wednesday night when we had the really bad one with 60mph winds,
I slept in my clothes ...
with my shoes on ...
with my flashlight ...
hugging my teddy bear.
actually ...
it was more like squeezing the head right off of my teddy bear.
I think he said "Ouch!" several times!
He didn't much like being in a head lock all night long!!!!!

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