Thursday, August 16, 2007



Saturday ...
was the Sesquicentennial Celebration in Shelbina, Missouri.
We picked Grandma up at 1:00pm and headed on up to see what was going on.
While we had a good day, we were surprised at the lack of activity. We had just assumed there would be booths and things to see and do.
There was a parade that morning, but I was teaching lessons and we didn't get to watch it.
We had fun anyway!!!!!
We got there about 1:30pm.
There was a Civil War Reenactment at 3:00.
Dinner at 6:00.
A Civil War Wedding at 7:00.
And then The North Ely Opry played at 8:00.

It was hot!!!!!
We got our chairs out and sat in the shade.
I had a cooler full of koolaide, water and sweet tea.

Dinner was ham and beans, corn bread, cole slaw, brownies and several kinds of cake. I thought that it was very good!!!!!!

The lake was beautiful and the park setting was so pretty.
We had fun singing and playing and then we headed on home.
I enjoyed the day tremendously!!!!
Although, several of us (not Grandma) did get a "little" grouchy and testy being out in the heat for so long. But we pulled the evening off. Roy showed up with a fan and things got better from there!
Thank you Roy!

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