Thursday, August 02, 2007


North Ely Opry:

It's music night!
Can't wait to get there!
There's Doug ...

There I am on guitar ...

There's one shot of the group ...

There's another shot of the group ...

There's Bill and Dorothy (Doug's Dad and Grandmother)

Have a wonderful weekend, Ava! Smile that cheeky smile and light up the lives of those around you :)
Looks like my kind of peoples!

Have a fun time!
Hi Ava ~~You have lots of great photos on lately. The one here is so nice of Doug and of you. Thanks for your comments and I hope you do get
some rest this weekend You are on the go such a lot. Enjoy yourself anyway, my friend. Love, Merle.
Hi Ava! Hope you got all the rest you wanted. I slept in until 11 today. Can you believe that?
Hi everyone! Thank you for the comments. I did get lots of rest this weekend and I needed it so much!!!
Love seeing pictures of the Ely Opry group. It looks like great fun.
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