Wednesday, August 15, 2007


South Lake: The Mystery

Here's a question for you all.
Doug and I were out at South Lake and saw something we'd never seen before.
See the circle in the middle of the water?

Here's a closer shot of it. It started out large when we noticed it. Then it proceeded to get smaller ... then disappear ... the reappear and get larger.

My question is ... what caused this? Any ideas? We sat there and watched it for a very long time and it was one of the strangest things that I'd ever seen.

Now, I don't consider this lake large enough to have a "lake monster" in it ... although I suppose that I could be wrong. :)

See, now it is shrinking and getting ready to disappear.

Going ....
Now it is gone!!
Now it is starting small and coming back again! Now, I mean we sat there for a LONG time and never saw anything break the water ... not even a fish peeking out ... or a tail splash of any kind ... not even two little beady eyes! And now ... no long necks like "Nessy".
Bigger ...
Bigger ...

So ... what do you think is going on here?
Still getting bigger ...
Bigger ...
I'm stumped ... so ... if you have any ideas ... please share!

Is it a man-made lake? Could be something to do with drainage or maintaing water levels. Otherwise I guess it's just the South Lake Monster. (grin)
Could be schools of tiny fish....I have noticed places like that on our lake and have no explanation either....maybe the lake is "turning over" cold water coming to the top.
I've seen such phenomena and have no explanation.

Knoxcounty's suggestion that it might have something to do with the annual "turning over" or inversion of the water might be a possibility.
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