Thursday, August 23, 2007


Thresher's Show: Paris, Missouri

There's Dick, John, Doug and Willy loading a sawmill blade into the back of John's pickup truck. Until my first show at Shelbina last year, I had never seen a steam operated sawmill before. It is really neat to watch and listen to those steam engines. I have grown to like to sound of their engines pumping and the smell of the wood smoke.
These engines belong to Willy. I like the sound of these engines when they are all fired up too. It's a very distinct sound. I find it comforting.
There's Doug, Bill and Will. Doug and Bill are trying to get that engine started. They finally triumphed! I am always amazed at the patience it takes to work with engines. Not just these, but engines in general. I have to say ... I have no patience and engines would make me angry when they weren't cooperating!!!!!
There's Doug and one of the tractors at the show.
I chose a different one for my shot!!!

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