Tuesday, October 23, 2007


I'm Back

I am back in the land of the living!!!
After being down with my asthma for five weeks ...
I'm very glad to be feeling better!

I played music this weekend for the first time since being sick.
I could only play for an hour at a time,
but I sure enjoyed myself.

I'll be back to posting next week.
I'm looking forward to visiting your blogs again.

If you're visiting the blog ...
leave a comment ...
I've been sick and it'll make me feel better!

Have a great week!!

Tuesday, October 09, 2007



It's supposed to be cooler this week.
We've gone from upper 80's
to highs in the mid 60's
and lows in the 40's.
That's kind of a drastic change isn't it?
I'm wearing a jacket right now!!!!



I'm back ...
after a short absence while being ill.
My asthma flared and took me out for three weeks.
I was on bed rest for four days last week ...
on steroids ...
which made me swell ...
sucking down asthma medication like it was going out of style ...
very bored ...
in bed ...
reading ...
watching TV ...
didn't play any instruments for at least two weeks!!!
The only thing that kept me out of the hospital was pure stubbornness.
(I don't know that I would actually recommend that to anyone)
I know!!!
I was REALLY sick!!!!

I'm just about over it,
although this person sitting next to me who just came back from a smoke break is making it hard for me to breath.

Well, I will write more later this week.

My parents were here for a visit when I was at my worst.
I was glad to see them, but felt bad that they only see me three or four times a year and I was sick the whole time they were here.

must run.

I hope that everyone is doing well.
I'll be back.

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