Monday, August 23, 2010


Happy Monday!

Now there's a cutie for you!
That is my Bassett Hound, Sugar!
He is always so happy and wagging his tail.
I love this little guy!

We just got back from camping for the weekend.
Which means ...
I'm tired ...
hurt everywhere ...
and I just want to go back to bed!

But ...
we had a great time.
We took the tent and the screen tent too.
So, we got to sit in the screen tent with our feet up and enjoy the evenings.
That was nice.

Hope you all have a great Monday!
Thanks for stopping by.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010



Tuesday has come
and now
the evening time is here.
I'm going to relax this evening
I thought this picture might relax us all.

This is a local picture
from Nauvoo, IL
the grand Mississippi River.

I hope that you all had a safe,
and good day today.

Saturday, August 14, 2010


Tired ...

I don't know about you ...
but I have felt this tired before!

The curve of that guitar makes the perfect spot for a nap!!

Thursday, August 12, 2010


My Flowers ...

Here are some of my flowers ...
The sun was very bright when I shot these.

I had just mown the lawn,
so there is grass thrown everywhere from the mower.

I always plant marigolds.
My Grandma Testerman always had marigolds in her hot box
to keep things out of her vegetables.
They make me think of her.

And here is a grass covered rose.
It's the only bloom that I have right now.
I have three other plants.
I need to feed them.

And here are some of the wild flowers along the
edge of our woods.

I just love them.
I think they're very pretty.

Here they are along the edge of the woods ...

This shot below gives you a look
into the woods next to us.
I enjoy walking out there in the fall and winter,
but I stay away from the ticks
and mosquittos in the summer.

Here's a shot of my cherry tomatoes on the vine.
I had just picked and eaten the ripe ones!
Hee hee ...

Hope that you all have a great day.
Happy Thursday to you all!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Waiting ... waiting ... waiting ...

There's Biscuit waiting for a bite ...

You see,
the rule at our house is this ...
while we're eating ...
if you wait patiently ...
and stay sitting ...
you get the last bite.

There's Dooley waiting ...

You can drool ...
You can look sad ...
but you have to stay sitting ...

There's Sugar waiting ...

Look at that concentration ...

Waiting ...

Waiting ...

Here comes their bites ...

We have three dogs ...
so we have to save the last three bites!!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Hot Hot Hot

Can you imagine being in the hen house on a hot day like this????

This is a view of a few of the hens and roosters roosting out at the farm.
We were in there to gather some eggs.
Pretty, aren't they?

Today was a mowing day.
I'm done now.
I'm going to finish it tomorrow.
Too hot.

Hope that you all have a good day!


Monday, August 09, 2010


Happy Monday!

Well, here it is ... another Monday morning ...
The beginning of the week ...
Hard to get up ...
The weekend is over ...

Where's the coffee?

Well, here's a picture that I thought that I would share.
It's a nice view ... very serene ... relaxing ...

Looking at it, I can hear the birds singing ...
The rustle of the trees ...
Crickets ...

This counts as my walk this morning!!!

Hope you all have a great day.

Sunday, August 08, 2010


Clark 54 Drive In Movie

We stopped and ate supper at Wendys on the way.
Here's a picture of Doug's John Deere Tractor hanging from the rear view mirror.

That's Doug in the rear view mirror ...

Out in the country ...

We're there!
We can see people waiting to get in as we approach.


There's the line behind us ...

There's the ticket booth.
There's one person in there that takes money from both sides.
He just alternates back and forth from one side to the other.

There he is ...

There I am in line for the bathroom!
And yes ... there's the menu!
I got a chili cheese dog and cotton candy!
Doug got nachos!
It was delicious!
Look at this picture ...
See how close Doug got to the post?
The door just barely opened for me to get out!
We watched Dispicable Me and The Sorcerer's Apprentice.
Dispicable Me was by far the best movie.
It was very funny and made me laugh out loud.
It was a great evening.

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