Sunday, February 05, 2012


Orange Blossom Special

Well ...  I'm doing it ... I'm learning The Orange Blossom Special on my fiddle.

Whew!  (wipes brow)  What a work out!  Playing the fiddle is always a physical work out, but this song is even more strenuous than anything else that I play right now.

I have a new fiddle student and I am learning this so I can teach her to play it.  It's going to be a surprise!  She also wants to learn "Devil Went Down to Georgia".  How long have they been playing?  Three weeks.  Yes ... I said three weeks.  They are amazing!  And very fun for me!

I will have to post pictures of my fiddles on here sometime.  There are four of them here at the house.  Three of them are mine and one belongs to Doug, my husband.  I still have my very first fiddle.  My Aunt Linda bought it for me and I've been playing ever since!  Thank you Aunt Linda!!!!

I've been fiddlin' my butt off ... or arms ... neck ... whatever ... and making lots of progress.  My current project includes over 150 songs to memorize and be able to perform when I'm out playing places.  We don't carry music when we're out playing ... but I do carry a list!  No kidding!  There's nothing more embarrassing than having a "brain fart" and not being able to think of anything to play!  So ... I carry a list that I can pick and choose from if I need a reminder!  Seriously!

I'm getting geared up for spring ... I have plans!  In the works ... but plans none the less.  Wish me luck!  Send me happy thoughts!  Send blessings for my fingers!  They're getting quite the work out!

Ta Ta For Now!!!

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