Tuesday, February 28, 2006


Hannibal Session: Session Last Night

The Hannibal Session was quite fun last night. We had a great audience as well as a great bunch of very enthusiastic players.

We said goodbye to Billy Bob last night. He's off to the Air Force and will be missed terribly. He said that he will be back at Christmas time. I'm going to miss his smile and his great enthusiasm for the music.

We had some guests from the Ely Opry join us last night. The Quincy group is going to go play with them this Thursday after our La Gondola session is over. I'm really looking forward to that. John, one of their fiddlers, is going to teach me some new tunes and some of the old time tunes that I've been wanting to learn.

We missed some of our regulars last night: Markie, Joshua, Betsy, Clayton, Phillip, Ian and Elizabeth. Markie is in Louisianna, Betsy is busy with school, Elizabeth couldn't get away ... I'm not sure about everyone else. Just know that we missed you. Sorry if I missed anyone. :)

I got to play Minnie Pearl at the session last night. That fiddle plays so well. I discovered last night that I can actually play faster on it because I'm not having to work so hard to get the notes out. I got a lot of extra notes in that I'm usually not able to squeeze in. That was great!!!

Well, I'm off to do chores.


Ava, We missed last Monday at the Pizza Place, and will again tonight. My husband had to have open heart surgery on Feb.28, He is doibg well and we miss seeing you guys, maybe next week! Yonconish
Oh my gosh! Open heart surgery? I'm glad to hear that he is recovering well. We missed you too! Several people commented on you not being there.

Love you!
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