Sunday, March 05, 2006


Music: Phone Call

Well, I got a phone call at 9:15pm this evening from Officer Sowers of the Highway Patrol.

I met Officer Sowers Friday night on the drive back from playing the Contra dance in Columbia, Mo.

Lisa, Tony, Joann and I were driving home after the dance and were very close to being in an automobile accident. We were approached by what appeared to be a drunk driver. He came up behind us from nowhere and passed us like we were standing still. He passed us into on coming traffic and ran a car off the road, almost hitting us in the process. It didn't cause an accident, they just swerved off the road and stopped. He kept on going. We watched him swerving from one side of the road to the other and off the road and back on. He was in no shape to be driving, that's for sure.

We passed him a little ways down the road and he was pulled off and stopped on the side of the road. Right after we passed him, he pulled back onto the road and here he came! Swerving all over the place. He passed us again, and as he did, we got his plate number and called 911. While Joann was still on the phone, here came a Highway Patrol and they pulled him over.

We stopped and I told Officer Sowers what we had witnessed. I told him that the driver of that truck was very lucky they hadn't killed anyone when he had passed us the first time. I have no doubt that if that car hadn't avoided a head on collision by going off the highway, they would be dead. They had come so close to it.

He took my name and number and we drove on home.

Tonight he took my official statement and information over the phone to be included in the report for the prosecutor. He didn't give me any details, but did tell me that the driver had been arrested and was in pretty bad shape. He said that he'd noticed a tail light originally. He then saw the truck pass us that last time and swerve as he was driving down the road. That was why he had pulled him over. He didn't know about the rest of it until we told him.

I'm glad we made it home safe and sound!! Sleepy ... but safe and sound.

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