Thursday, March 02, 2006


Poetry: A True Friend

A True Friend

Ava Jackson

July 21, 1985

There are times when I get so down

I feel like giving up.

As if I need someone to lean on

And help me take each step.

In this world there aren’t many

That I feel I really can count on.

Every time I put my trust in them

They almost always let me down.

In times like those it’s comforting

To know I’ve got a friend.

Someone who’ll stick by in bad times

And be a friend until the end.

When I think of a close friend,

I think of someone I’ve known for years.

Someone who has shared time with me

And also shared my tears.

A real friend knows my bad points

And also my weaknesses.

But also knows my good points

And the capabilities I possess.

One of my closest friends

Is someone I’ve never touched or kissed,

But the friendship and love we share for one another

Surely can’t be missed

My friend is a very beautiful person,

Yes, that, and even more.

They’ve helped me when I needed it most,

And for that they’ll always be adored.

My friend will listen when I need to talk

And sometimes give advice.

But always does what is best,

Because my friend always thinks twice.

My friend never speaks too boldly

And I hope would tell me if I did.

But knows when it’s time to be serious

And when it is time to kid.

My friend always knows when something’s wrong,

Even when I say it isn’t and try to fake.

It’s almost as if my friend can tell

And hears a signal when I ache.

I was sometimes a big talker

And tried to be tough back then.

But now a lot has happened, I’ve matured

And will never be that way again.

Sometimes I get mad at myself,

I’m so vulnerable now, it’s hard to understand

How someone can hold my emotions

And squeeze them in the palm of their hand.

But it never fails, when I’ve had enough

And need to cry, scream or yelp,

My friend has always shown up,

Just when I desperately needed help.

They say if you really love something,

That you should set if free.

Well, you and I keep meeting again,

And that means something to me.

It tells me that you really are very special,

A real true friend indeed.

You’re a person that I love,

A person that I need.

My friend is very special

And I’d do all this for them in return,

For helping a friend gives a great feeling

And it’s a chance to grow and learn.

My friend, I thank you for everything

You say and everything you do.

And, if you haven’t figured it out,

This friend I speak of is you.

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