Tuesday, May 23, 2006



Time for some barn pictures:
I collect these just because I think barns are neat.
Here's a nice country setting.
Looks like a busy farm, with lots of out buildings.

Here's another barn
Complete with a corn field in the front
We have LOTS of corn fields here in Illinois
I love the corn fields
They make me feel at home.
When we first moved here
The corn fields made me feel closed in
Now they let me know I'm home.

Here's a really old barn in this shot.
Back toward the back.
I really enjoy driving around,
exploring the country side
and taking pictures!!!

Some really nice barn pics. I carry my camera with me every where I go now in case I have a photo opt.
I remember the houses in Indiana had corn instead of grass in the front yards, all the way up to the front door. I'd never seen such a thing.
Doubleknot ... if you have the opportunity to get some barn pictures grab them and I'll add them to my personal collection!!!!

Tina ... yes, corn all the way up to the door used to freak me out ... we have that here as well. Now I don't think anything of it.

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