Tuesday, May 09, 2006


Bonnies Country Store:

Here's a picture of the pot bellied stove.

We used to walk to the store to buy candy. When it was cool out, we'd go stand next to the stove and get our hands warmed back up.

Sometimes Bonnie and her parents would be sitting around it their chairs. There used to be a small couch and some chairs back then.

I can remember them carrying in firewood.

I remember that her Dad couldn't hear very well and she'd yell to him all of the time. I can still smell that firewood burning and feel the warmth of it.

No, when we were there, the store was closed due to a funeral. There wasn't anyone there. We even knocked on the door and windows. You can imagine the comotion all of my picture taking would have caused.

Now, click and enlarge this picture. Look in the office. There seems to be a man in a blue shirt, bald and you can even make out his ear.

How strange is that? I'll have to go back again and meet the Hatfields and see if this guy is one of them. Is it? Or a ghost from time past? It sure was eerie to see him when I was editing these pictures, that's for sure. We were there for a long time. None of us saw anyone and we all had our faces and hands up against the glass peering in. We even looked in the office to see if there was anyone there.

Anyway, that's the end of what my husband calls "an Ava story".

I liked your profile of the old store and the memories connected with it!
How eeire is that man??? That's kind of spooky...and maybe a ghost from the past.

I like all you photos of the country story and all your memories sitting on the steps with your brother eating candy. Those were the good old days when you could walk down the road safely, everyone were your neighbors & friends .
Thanks Larry!!
Hey pasadena!

I agree ... I thought it was very eery when I saw that profile. If you look closely at the picture, you can see some kind of valance, white, hanging on the wall that seems to stick out further than his body does.
Sure enjoyed this trip down your memory lane, Ava!

Can sure make out a figure in this picture-creepy!! eeeek

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