Tuesday, May 09, 2006


Bonnies Country Store:

Here's a view from the driveway of the store looking up NN highway. Click and enlarge this picture in a minute. See that hill in the distance? I grew up living on the very top of that hill. You can see a driveway ... that's not it ... it was the next on on the very top.

I enjoyed that hill. We'd walk down to Bonnies to buy candy and soda pop. We'd usually walk barefoot ... sometimes with flip flop sandals on. It was a good walk, but we enjoyed it. Oh, I can't say how many times I stubbed and bloodied my toes on that highway!!!!!

In the winter time, we get our coasters out and sled down that hill. It was great fun!!!!

I'll have more pictures of the store tomorrow.

Reminds me in some ways of home.

All great pics.
How nice that your old store is still there. When we visited our grandmother the road to our store was not paved, but bare feet made it there for a cool soda or some candy or sent on an erron. It is long gone now and roads are paved and the main road is a four lane. Times change - I am glad you still have your memories.
Hi Granny!

Thank you! It was sure nice to see it again.
Hi Doubleknot

I drove down some of the old country dirt roads, one of which my Grandmother and Grandfather used to live on ... they're all paved now too.
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