Thursday, May 18, 2006


Darn Hair Brush!

Well, I wish that one of you were here to lend me a hand. I somehow accidently twisted my hairbrush and it's stuck in my hair. I'm not kidding. Guess I'll go work on it some more.

Yes, I got the brush out of my hair. That would have been embarrassing! Maybe it would have started a new fad. Everyone used to wear those combs in the hair with the handle sticking up in the 80's. You never know!!!
I'v done that before myself when my hair was long. I got the roller brush tangled on top and had to work to get it out. It was very infuriating, but you have to handle it with patience unless you use the scissors.
It happens with the girls from time to time too. They have so much hair. If you've seen my photo, it's not a problem for me.
Gosh, this gave me flash-backs Ava, to all the times it's happend to me too.. it's just amazing how badly tangled it can get too!!

Did you lose much hair pulling it out(giggles.)

Nice pics of the family on the blog-and we're waiting for CJ's arrival with you!! : )

I did pull some hair out, but I still have plenty left!!!
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