Sunday, May 21, 2006


Family: The Baby is Here!!!!

He's here!!

He's here!!!

Chandler Joshua Thomas Sams

six pounds and six ounces

twenty-one inches long

Mom and baby are doing just fine. She said it only took twenty minutes for him to "pop out". I'll get to meet him in two weeks and I can hardly stand the wait!!!!

Wonderful. She has babies like I did.

Glad all went so well and my congratulations to all.

Good news Ava, it's always a relief when everything works out just right.
'Our' baby is here also - born on the eighteenth. She also popped out - think this is a trend starting LOL.
Your poem was very nice but did you catch any fish?
What wonderful news about your new grandson and I can feel how excited you are, but it's too bad that you have to wait two weeks to see that little bundle. The time will fly by very quickly as you are always so busy doing things.

You and doubleknot both have something to babies in the family.
Congratulations, to the new parents, to the grandparents, and welcome to the world, little Chandler!

Great! Congratulations!
Thanks to all of you!!!!
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