Friday, May 19, 2006


Funny: My Blogging Secret


No time for blogging?

Try this ...

Ava - I'm sending this to a blogging friend who I know from one of her posts will love it.

Hi Ava, have just come across from Granny, I just love this post, I'll try to remember it when I don't have time to blog.
Obviously, I decided to link to you on granny as well.

Too good not to share.
Thank you for visting my blog.
Your into music. I don't know how great I'm at music but I played the violin for about 6 years and trumpet for 1 year.
hahahahah that is great! Love the seat cushion!!!!
Hi everyone! I thought it was funny too ... and comfortable!!!
I'm also going to have to send this to a friend. Toooo Funny.
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