Friday, May 12, 2006


General: Cats

We went this morning to a local cat adoption center and looked at cats. They had around ten adults and then some little kittens. No one in particular struck a chord with us, so we're going to go the Humane Society and visit with their cats. I don't know that we're getting one for sure, but we've been talking about it. I'm sure if we find one that hits the spot ... we'll take it home. We need a mouser.

You'll know the cat when you see it. And that's very smart of you not to settle for just any kitten...but to wait for just the right cat or kitten. The kitten will recognize you too, and immediately know that it's going home with you.
The only one that struck a chord with me was a little kitten. I just don't think a kitten would be the right choice for my very active dog.
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