Tuesday, May 09, 2006


General: More Cleaning

Boy, did I ever get a lot of cleaning done in the basement this afternoon!!!

My bad habit is ... once I sit down for a break ... it's over.

So ... I used my new Desperate Housewives timer and when the bell rang, I had to get back at it!

It worked!!!!!

Sounds like you got a "work out" here...like me chasing butterflies all over the yard. I bet the neighbors think I'm crazy.

You asked about my water plants...I don't know all there names...but on the right I have a 'chameleon'(red,yellow,green leaves)...a fern...and a bamboo looking plant.
In between the lily pads is 'parrots feather' and there are also underwater oxigenating plants to help keep the pond clean & provide oxygen to the fish.
On the left I can't remember the name of the flowers, but their bloom is very pretty, one is yellow and the other red/orange. There are also 2 other plants that both bloom tiny white blooms.

If you put the plants at the bottom of the pool for the cold winter weather, they come back the following year.
It never got cold enough to move them this year.

The pond is self-sustaining, no fish need to be fed or anything done to it EXCEPT drop in a mosquito pellet every 2 weeks.
I with I could get my little pond to look like that!!!
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