Friday, May 19, 2006


General: Mowing

Well, I mowed for an hour and a half today. I still have some to finish up tomorrow, but that's better than having to do it all at once, that's for sure.

Everyone made fun of me today because I wore my leapord shirt with my snake skin pants. Oh well, it's what I felt like today!!!

Have a great weekend everyone!


Wish you had a picture of you in the outfit!!
Rider mowers rule!!!!!
That's what I call mowing in style!
Granny ... still no camera batteries.

Peter ... I have one ... it just wasnt' accessable at the moment. (Don't ask)

Tanginika ... had to wave at the neighbors passing by ... might as well look nice!!!
Get some batteries please - I have a very visual mind and can just picture you mowing in your outfit and the neighbors passing by - what fun.
Good luck on the mowing.
Fun for some ... embarrassing for others!!!
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