Saturday, May 20, 2006


General: Saturday

Well, we got up early and drove out to La Prairie, IL to check a place where I've been invited to play music tonight. It's 30 minutes from the house ... that's not bad. It's a little town of 85 ... a little community building with an out house. If I go, I'll have to remember to bring a flash light! I'm a pea pot ... I'm not sure how well lit it is.

We went to Mt. Sterling, IL to go to DOT foods to shop for some food for my party next weekend. We got 144 buns for BBQ pork sandwiches and also some big #10 cans of green beans and baked beans.

I went to a couple of garage sales. I got a few nick nacks which I'll share pictures of later.

We stopped at a Casey's convenience store. They had potato wedges with cheese and bacon on the top. Oh my gosh ... it was SO good!!!!! I'm sure my digestive system will throw some type of rebellion, but so far ... so good!!!

On the way out of town at the beginning of the trip we stopped for gas. My hubby was pumping gas and I decided to go in to use the restroom. Locked the keys in the car. Had to call the locksmith and pay $45 to get the car unlocked.

Now, I must go get some more yard work done. It never ends!!!

Happy Saturday to you all!


When you go play in that little town with the outhouse...don't forget to take a can of bug spray too.

I'm always afraid I'll lock my keys in the car, but my husband has put an extra door key in one of those little magnetic car-key boxes...and put it in a handy place under the car...a reach-able spot.
Do you have a decent recipe for that type of barbecue pork? They don't make it out here; everything is still on the bone. I can make it and do sometimes but I bet yours is better.
Yes, we have a crock pot recipe. I'll have to get it to you tomorrow afternoon. Remind me if I forget.
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