Sunday, May 14, 2006


General: Steak and Shake

Saturday my hubby and I had lunch at Steak and Shake. I had a double steak burger and cheese fries!!! Strawberry shortcake for dessert!!!

While we were eating, one of the waitresses dropped a glass and it shattered. It was funny because there was an audible "oooooohhhhhhh" from the entire group of diners.

When my husband and I met, he was waitressing me, and he dropped a glass. He asked me if that meant bad luck, and I said "yes, 7 years". Well, nine years later we are still together and in love, so I guess that was not bad luck after all.
Hi Tanginika!

That is so romantic!!!

My husband and I met in an office supply store that I worked at. He was too shy to talk to me, so he kept coming in to buy stationary. Finally, he had a mutual friend introduce us.

We've been married ten years ... still have stationary!!!!!

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