Wednesday, May 10, 2006



Oh, I did go to lunch with my husband today. We went to El Rancherito. Mmmm ... it was good. I also went and got my six string banjo fixed out at Smith Music. He was having a music sale ... $2.00 per book. Needless to say ... I bought some.

He had a mountain dulcimer for $25 ... I bought it. I figure I can use it to learn a few things on until I get my special one. Which one is that? Well, it's one made by my friend Chris down at the Jam Factory in Hannibal ... of course!!! I have to get my fiddle paid for first ... then one of his mountain dulcimers are next.

I'll have pictures to share with you later.

Thnaks for the post on my blog. Come back anytime. I am LAZY, but I do always get around to it. Just not as quickly as others! ~ jb///
Hi Ava, look what I made for you! Here it is, in a 600xwallpaper size : ) stored at a free pic hosting site.. hope you like it!

Oh my gosh, North. It's beautiful!!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!! I'm honored.

Hi LZ!

Thanks for stopping by. Was glad to see your new posts.
It was my pleasure to surprise you Ava : )

I'm always using my skills in Graphic Design-you are so cute-you; I greatly admire your many talents and upbeat personality; when faced with so much pain- were a perfect subject to surprise! : )

Happy Mother's Day!

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