Monday, May 22, 2006


Music: Hannibal Session

Well, it was yet another Hannibal Music Session! I had a lot of fun. I was experiencing some stress today ... just about stressed out ... and the work out of playing the music and listening to it destressed me to the max. I'm all mellow now!!!!

The players tonight were Chris on banjo... Melanie on percussion ... Ava on fiddle and banjo ... Sondra on mandolin and banjo ... Joann on whistle and tambourine ... Beverly on whistle and mandolin ... Dwain on banjo ... Andrew on fiddle and banjo ... Larry on fiddle and guitar ... Betsy on whistle ... Dale H (he was there ... but did he play tonight?)... Don on bass ... Kevin on percussion ... Rob on percussion ... Tony on whistle ... Lisa on fiddle ... Robert on fiddle ... Dave S on guitar ... Sarah on whistle and bass ... Ian on guitar... Doug on mandolin ... Ned on guitar ... Wade on percussion ... Terry on guitar and LA came to listen.

In the audience were Bill, Evelyn H, Evelyn D and Bob, George who just got back from his trip, Harry and Ellen, Noel and Mary Jo, Suzie and many others who I met for the first time while circulating around the room. I met a couple of guitar players who I invited to come play with us next time. They thought they might give it a try.

We missed Clayton, Phillip, Dale M, Elizabeth, Fred, Aaron, Paul, Alicia and Charlie. As well as anyone else who didn't make it tonight.

It was a great night and I enjoyed it tremendously!!!

As always ... please forgive me if I left anyone out.

I still have tunes going through my head from last night's session.
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