Tuesday, May 16, 2006



Well, I can already see that the good old summertime is going to affect my blogging. I'll still get to blog ... just maybe once a day instead of like I have been doing. That is sad for me. (boo hoo)

I'm getting ready to change my work schedule to accomdate those who would like to come at an earlier time of day during the summer.

I'm trying to decide if traveling out of town to teach one day a week would be good for my business or not.

I got a summer job as a street musician in Hannibal for the summer. I'm VERY excited about that!!!! I just found that out Friday night at the dance. So, I'm practicing up a storm. It'll be fine. Now I just have to find me some clothes. They have to be period clothing ... at the moment ... I have none. I'll have to remedy that this week. Maybe I'll sew something. (ugh)

No grandbaby yet. Still waiting.

Practicing piano for the wedding, organ for church, banjo, fiddle, Irish whistle and guitar for performance, the drum so I don't forget how ... oh and I'm going to try to teach myself the mountain dulcimer. I did get it tuned last night!!!

Hope you had a great day!!

What street in Hannibal and what day & time will you be playing as a street musician? If I'm ever there I'll come up and introduce myself as one of your blogging buddies.
That would be totally awesome!!!
Oh, I told you everything except what street ... Main street. I'll let you know when I have more information myself. :)
I bet performing will be lots of fun! I hope one day I will be good enough to play in front of people with my guitar. For now, I just dance. Let us all know how that goes.
Congratulations on the Hannibal street performer!! I remember you were hoping for that the last time we saw ya. I'm sure you'll have lots of fun and make those contacts.
Thank you all for the good wishes!!

Tina, yes, I'm very excited. I was afraid it wasnt' going to happen since we hadn't had auditions yet, but the letter said we were hired without the auditions.

I'm very excited.

I'm going to put together a CD of solo work ... me on guitar, banjo and the fiddle.

Then Sondra and I are going to put together a CD of just the two of us as we sound on the street together.

If we have them in a basket in front of us, maybe we'll sell some.

Heck, I just read that MC Hammer sold his first album out of the trunk of his car. I've been inspired!!
Tanginika --

Keep working on the guitar. If you want it to happen ... it will.

And keep on dancing!!!! You're an inspiration for me!!
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