Thursday, May 11, 2006


My Dog: Outside Please!

Here's Nash, with some funky eyes, wanting to go outside.

Of course, I made him pose for pictures first.

How do you like his little smirk in that last one?

He is so funny. He's too big of a dog to allow him to beg for food ... he's big enough to just snatch it from you.

So, he's trained to sit and wait until I'm finished and then he gets the last bite. Boy, he'll sit right next to me and watch every bite that I take ... but he always gets the last bite ... sometimes two!

I love the guy!!!

I was sitting here at my desk just now eating a lime sucker. I looked over my shoulder and there he sat ... waiting for the last bite.

I tried to tell him that this rule didn't work for candy, but the lime scent of my breath just made him lick his lips in anticpation.

So ....

I had to bite my sucker in half and let him have the last bite. Then he licked the stick clean.

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