Wednesday, May 17, 2006


Plants: Shamrock

Here are a couple of pictures of my shamrock. It's one of my favorite house plants.

I've never seen a Shamrock plant before, thanks for sharing the picture.
BTW, the faces on the tree are some sort of??? (they aren't wood)
You can find them at Crackle Barrel Restaurants, but I found my faces at a SaveAlot grocery store for $1.00 for each eye, nose & mouth (total $4 for each face).
I have never seen the faces like that before. I'll have to look next time I'm at a cracker barrell. Maybe I'll try google and see what's out there. I had also thought about getting out my clay and seeing if I could make some. We'll have to see. I think they're really neat. I've not seen anyone around here with trees and faces. You've inspired me!!!

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