Saturday, May 20, 2006


Poetry: Ship at Sea

Ship At Sea

Ava Jackson


Old John Henson went to sea.

He took his old dog, his wife and me.

I had never been on the sea before …

I went straight to my cabin and shut the door.

I thought I would be fine, but I was wrong.

Boy, did that night ever seem long!

I felt all green and sick inside …

I thought I’d feel better if I just went to hide!

But soon I was well and back out in the sun.

That’s when I really started having some fun.

I saw a mean shark and also a whale …

And Old John Henson even offered me some ale!

The breeze felt good and the sun did too.

The whole time I was there, I didn’t wear a shoe!

We sat around the fire, watching the soup brew …

Me, John, his wife, the dog and the whole ship crew.

We all worked hard cleaning the deck …

Then we had to wait for John Henson to check.

We all worked hard and at great length …

And that’s how I got to gain all of my strength.

Then it got fierce and we ran into a storm.

Oh, how we wished that it would get warm!

We fished over the side, waiting for a catch …

And then we all went down inside of the hatch.

I got up the next morning and the storm had gone by.

I looked up and there wasn’t a cloud in the sky.

Then I turned around and I saw land …

I ran over and grabbed Old Johns’ hand.

He looked at me with a smile on his face.

He said that we had found Gods’ grace.

He smiled again and said, “We’re home.”

“Home,” I said, “Home sweet home.”

Hi Ava ~~ A great poem, you have talent to tell a story well in poetry.
You have great musical talent ~~ is
there anything you can't do?
Thanks for your comments and I got
over the raking in time for the next lot. Take care, Merle.
Neat poem, you could probably turn it into a musical!
Hi Ava, lovely poem-could be a song!

I totally enjoyed reading all the blogs on "You Know you were a little girl in the 70's when."

Totally brought back many fond, very old memories of my childhood!

I loved moon-boots!!

That was terrific...I really loved that poem and it had a wonderful story that you could follow. Great job!!!

I'm guessing there isn't anything you can't do. You are so talented.
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