Wednesday, May 24, 2006


Tom, Ava

Here's Tom and I together.

Yes, that's me with no make on.


Shucks you look just fine without the make up. Your boy is growing fast - handsome too.
Can't tell you don't have makeup on.
Hi Ava ~~ Thank you for the birthday
wishes and glad you like the jokes etc at my place. Great photo of you and your son. The earlier post with
both sons is nice too.
Take care, Merle.
You do not need any make up, actually. You are a beautiful woman. Nice pic!
I'll chime in with tanginika-simone... you don't need make-up! Just play some music and your spirit shines through...
Ah, you all are too kind!!!!
You can't even tell you don't have makeup on..
Your son is a very handsome boy.
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