Wednesday, May 17, 2006


Water, Mississippi:

Here's a picture of my Mighty Mississippi!!!!

Looks a little less muddy than it did in Memphis.
I love crossing the Mississippi. It's so big.
Hi Granny!

During rain season it does get pretty muddy. But most of the time it's pretty.

Hi Tina!

Hey, the next time you cross the Mississippi ... why don't you cross on over to my house?????
The mighty Mississippi looks great in your picture. Most times we must cross it after a rain because it usually looks muddy.
I guess it would also depend on where it is you're crossing it.

It does tend to be "murky".
We usually cross it either at Memphis or in Arkansas. I think that stop we made in St. Louis several years ago was the closest we've come to your place.

If our vacation for next year goes as planned, we'll spend a little time in Memphis on the way to Florida. Stef wants to see Graceland. Why don't you all come join us??
Graceland ... now THAT is tempting!!! I've never been.
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