Thursday, May 18, 2006


Where's that baby????

Still no baby!!! Dang it!!!!

I'm sure Heather is ready to get it done and little CJ in her arms!!!!

Here's a poem written for Heather by my friend Joan:

False Labor Relations

Braxton Hicks! Braxton Hicks!

When babies do much more than kicks

Can’t tell how many false alarms

Bring mothers in from towns and farms

To have a baby not yet ready

Cause Sally Ann or little Freddy

Is doing some gymnastic stuff

Which although painful ain’t enough

To bring Mom to real birthing time

Which after this would be sublime

Compared when baby (her or him)

Used mommy as her in house gym.


Thank you, Joan!

Love it!!!
That's a nice poem, but hopefully she's already had braxton hicks and is ready for birthing.
Hope you don't have to wait too much longer on that grandbaby.
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