Wednesday, August 23, 2006


A Dove

Look at these pictures!
Aren't they just marvelous??

A friend of mine who knows that I am a bird watcher showed me something that I've never seen before. A dove sitting on a nest.

It's so beautiful. Look at that face.
I was so excited to get to see this and have pictures on top of that!

I was surprised at the lack of nesting material that was used. How do the babies keep from falling out? Hmmm ...
What do baby doves look like?
I've never seen them before.

I espeically like that piece of rope hanging down from the nest.

Dear Ava ~~ Lovely photos of the dove
I do hope you get god news on Thursday as I think that was what caused you to have that Blue day. Look after yorself
Thanks for your comments. Don't work too hard Ava. Take care, Love, Merle
How very intuative of you Merle. You figured me out! Was it that obvious?
These are good photos. I especially like the first one. Thanks for sharing them.
I've also been puzzled at the loose nature of dive nests. I've also seen babies (chicks?) fall through too! A handy snack for a wandering 'coon or skunk...
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