Wednesday, August 23, 2006



You know, I'm sitting here singing some of these old, old country songs and so many things are going through my mind as I do so.

Like ...
running moonshine.
You know ... from the still hidden somewhere safe.

I just have to chuckle because although it's never been verified verbally ...
I'm pretty sure some of my relatives on my Dad's side down in Beamin' Holler, Missouri participated in such activities. I will have to question my Dad about this.
I can remember my grandpa having one of those big ... and I mean big ... ceramic jugs with a handle and cork that he kept out in his black smithing shop. He'd crook that finger through the little loop of a handle, swing that jug up onto his shoulder and take a "swig" he called it. I wonder if that jug survived and where it is today?

Beamin' Holler is located close to the border of Missouri and Arkansas. Out in the middle of nowhere. Hills, hills, hills and more hills. Both of my grandparents on the Williams side are buried out there. I sure do miss them.

To this day the smell of a forge being fired up is such a comforting smell to me. I love it. It reminds me of good times. When we played for The Battle of Athens a few weeks ago there was a black smith there and I really enjoy that.

My grandfather used to let me melt metal, I banged on all sorts of stuff with that hammer of his and I always watched him working. I also got to crank the handle that flamed the fire. It was fun!! The shaping of metal was interesting to me. Still is.

Hmmm ...
Maybe I should try it sometime and see what I can make?
Might be interesting.

I think a man standing at an anvil in an apron with a hammer in his hand is very sexy. Would that hold true for me? A girl? A girl at an anvil in an apron with a hammer in her hand? I guess it would just depend on how much I was sweating and if my makeup stayed on.

That does it! I want a workshop!!!!

I think a workshop would be a great idea. I'm a firm believer that everyone needs to have some sort of diversion that can take our minds completely off our daily routines. For me it is railroads. I love to read about trains, look at pictures of trains, watch videos of trains, and of course ride on trains! I also have some CD's of train sounds (i.e., no music, just the chugging of the engine and the blowing of the whistle/horn). So maybe having your own workshop and/or blacksmith shop would be a great diversion and outlet for your creativity.
Hi Clayton!

I'd love to have a workshop! I'll have to investigate blacksmithing equipment. I'd also like to learn to do some woodworking.
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