Thursday, August 24, 2006



Since my posts from yesterday about Elvis songs,
I've discovered that several of you are Elvis fans also.

You know, as a little girl I had several dreams for my life.
One was to own a zebra or two.
I've always been in love with zebras.
Life's not over yet ... maybe I'll get one before I die.

The other was that I would either marry Elvis or Clint Eastwood when I grew up.
I just knew they were waiting for me.
Elvis sang so wonderfully.
And Clint Eastwood was just down right cool.
If I'd had to pick between the two, I'm pretty sure it would have been Clint Eastwood.
He was a much better shot with a gun and wore that cool poncho.
And he had an evil eye like I do.
He's always been my hero.

Hello Ava ~~ I hope you got good news
on Thursday. I am a big Elvis fan also. I think my favorite is "It's
Midnight, and I miss you." And i love a lot of his ballads and have books,
music and videos. Thanks for yur comments - I have lots of stuff or junk depending on who is doing the
talking.. Do take care Ava, Hugs,
Hi Merle! How sweet of you to remember that I'm waiting on some news today. Thank you for thinking of me. Made me smile!!!

I have several Elvis movies. I have quite a collection actually!!!!
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